Move the crowd

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“Taking a refreshing approach, ‘Move the Crowd’ offers 30 days of powerful anecdotes taken from the lyrics of notable MCs to Challenge readers to move towards positive self-motivation.” ~The Source Magazine: The Bible of Hip-Hop Music

The Right Words to Get You Going

Everyday we wake up and we have an opportunity to embrace ourselves based on the words we use.  We find ourselves surrounded by music such as hip hop that get us to bob our heads and move our feet, but what about our minds?

You Will Never Listen to Hip Hop the Same

Move the Crowd takes the songs that we listen to and pulls out the positive lyrics and adds affirmations that we can use to inspire ourselves.  You name the artist and I can find something inspiring and tie an affirmation into it. You are getting ready for that meeting and you need a boost, you are getting ready for an athletic competition, you are getting ready for a night out with the fellas or the ladies; In all those cases you probably turn to hip hop as a source of energy and motivation.

“Mike you’re the man for this one, your book, ‘Move the Crowd,’ is very inspirational and keeps me on point.” ~DJ Whutevva, Power105.1 FM (NYC)

It’s Bigger Than Hip Hop

So you have grown up a little bit and you may think your hip hop days are over….until now.  Move the crowd provides you are totally new and fresh way to not only enjoy your favorite hip hop lyrics but to leverage them for Personal and Professional development.

Special Deal

When you order a copy of Move the Crowd ($12) you not only get the book with all the great hip hop lyrics and affirmations and thought provoking questions, you also receive at no extra charge a bonus gift:

  • A FREE  ebook copy of “Move the Crowd”
  • FREE ebook, “I’m Focused Man: 41 Hip Hop Affirmations to Change Your Life, Inspired by the Lyrics of Jay-Z.
  • FREE access to the Hip Hop Affirmations crew updates

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