Day#119: Nobody Believed, Until I Believed

Hip Hop Affirmation of the Day#119



Affirmation of the Day: I believe in me

Keep believing in yourself.  One of my mentors talks about “your fragence.”  It is the energy that is coming from you.  It can even be described as  your swagger.  When you believe in yourself and what you are doing, you frangence is strong.  You will find that people are drawn to you and they want to help you.  That was the case when I put out a Youtube video letting people know that I want to work with Jay-Z on a project and I want to get my book in his hands.  I haven’t connected with him yet, but in the process I got to sit front row at one of his concerts and have been connected to a number of cool people. 

I found the “fragrence” theory to also be confirmed when I read about Oprah interviewing Jay-Z.  She kept talking about how good he smelled.  Something told me it was more than any Rocawear cologne he put on that day.  It was the smell of success.  It all started by him believing in his cause when no record label wanted to sign him.  He could have taken his demo tapes home and called it quites, but instead he created his own record label. 

Question of the Day: What gets in the way of you believing in yourself

Action of the Day: Pick up a bottle of P.Diddy’s “Unforgiveable” cologne; not because you like the smell but because you like the tag line, “Life without passion is unforgiveable.”

Run the point; from where you are, with what you have!

Your Ambassador,

Mike Bruny


on “Day#119: Nobody Believed, Until I Believed
2 Comments on “Day#119: Nobody Believed, Until I Believed
  1. Amazing. I really needed this today.
    It isn’t that I don’t believe in myself and my God-given talent, it’s just that at times, I hesitate and I don’t know why. I will find a way to end this habit.

  2. Felicia:
    Thanks for the comment! It’s funny how the things we need show up in our lives.

    You are so not alone in the “times of hesitation.” What I would offer is the next time you find yourself in that space, ask the question, “What’s going on here? Why am I hesitating? What is my hesitation trying to do for me?” Sometimes the hesitation is trying to protect you and keep the status quo (it’s just what it knows). I sense there is a BIGGER you that wants to say, “Hesitation, it was nice to meet you, but I got to go; we’ll talk later, peace.”

    Not even hesitation can stop you! In the words of Mos Def, “You can’t stop my goal, I was born to be who I am.” I’m so looking forward to hearing more.

    Your Ambassador,

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