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Thank you for downloading the ebook, "Move The Crowd: 30 Days of Hip Hop Affirmations To Change Your Life."  

We appreciate you being part of the Hip Hop Affirmations Crew and have no doubt that you will find value in the ebook.

One of the things that we've noticed is that those who take the time to read through the book start to see ways that they can make significant changes in their personal and work life.  

But, some like the feeling of having more of a community so that is why we opened up the Hip Hop Affirmations Facebook Group.  We'd love for you to do more than just join, but become an active member and leverage the power of community to make positive changes in your life and of those around you.

You know how it goes, "I shine you, you shine."

Thanks for being here and we look forward to seeing you on Facebook.